What is a Voice Transcriber & When You May Need One

People holding up blank speech bubbles signs

Whether it‚Äôs recording voice notes to reference later or capturing recordings of live meetings and events, more professionals are turning to voice transcribers to make these recordings more actionable. Voice transcription involves taking what was spoken or dictated and turning it into text transcripts for later use.¬† Professionals are finding that voice transcription provides an…

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Transcribing Services Demystified: Key Considerations when Choosing a Solution

Transcribing content by converting spoken words into written text continues to be a vital process in the modern world. According to almost half of business users, accuracy is the top factor when choosing a speech-to-text service. The emphasis on accuracy should come as no surprise, as the goal of transcription is to preserve and share…

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The Best Transcription Software for 2023

Transcription software developer writing code

86% of employees believe automation will help them do their work more efficiently, so it’s no surprise that professionals are turning to software to cut down on manual tasks. Transcription software is one tool helping business leaders by turning vast volumes of audio and video content into a searchable text format. However, software represents just…

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Automatic Transcription: The Pros and Cons of AI Solutions

It’s hard to ignore the buzz around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its promise to free professionals from mundane tasks. AI brings opportunities for improved productivity and enabling seamless workflows, yet its adoption remains at 55% among businesses currently. While AI can be an ideal solution to save time and cut costs, it needs to be…

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Is Free Audio Transcription Software Right For Your Business?

In the current economic climate, with rising interest rates and higher costs, many organizations are looking for ways to cut costs and find the best value services. Organizations spend US$2.95 billion on transcription, so it‚Äôs no surprise that free audio transcription software can be a tempting option. However, business leaders need to fully understand the…

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Voice Transcription: Understanding How & Why Professionals Are Transforming Speech to Text

Voice recorder and a blank notebook with a pencil

While today‚Äôs work environments are becoming more digital, 77% of customer service communications are still happening on the phone. While tools like Slack are at employees‚Äô disposal, professionals are also still relying heavily on telephone and video calls to stay connected internally. Jumping on a quick call can help resolve issues faster than a back-and-forth…

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When to Consider Free Transcription Tools for Workplace Efficiency 

Business man on the phone walking past a wall with productivity in large letter written on it.

US-based businesses alone engage in 11 million video meetings a day. When you think about the sheer number of notes and takeaways likely being taken during these calls, you can start to see why more companies are using free transcription tools. Then, there are customer call recordings, podcasts, webinars and interviews to account for. There…

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OGG to Text: How To Convert Your Audio Files to Text

Microphone in front of a computer to record audio

WhatsApp, the popular mobile messaging platform, gave its users the ability to listen to voice notes at faster speeds for a reason. Playing voice messages back at 1.5x and 2x speeds helps people get the intel they need more quickly. Today‚Äôs consumers and employees are constantly looking for efficiencies to get time back in their…

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Transcribing AAC Files to Text: Everything You Need To Know

Empty podcast studio with a mic and headphones on a table

The growth of audio content is showing no sign of slowing down. Podcasts alone reached over¬†464 million listeners this year, and they‚Äôre only one forms of audio that businesses are using. With meetings, focus groups, events and support center calls all being recorded too, professionals need to find ways to reference them efficiently and use…

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How To Accurately Convert MP3 To Text Files

Women on a video call while taking notes

More professionals are hosting team calls and client calls online and recording them. More businesses are launching podcasts too. Overall, audio is being captured and recorded much more frequently. However, working with audio files and going back to listen can be time consuming. ¬† Instead of recording and neglecting the important information being collected, more…

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