Transcriptionist vs Captioner: How Do They Differ?

Captioner or transcriptionist typing and wearing headphones

More than 100 studies have shown that captioning a video improves audience comprehension, engagement, and retention. Captions, as well as transcripts which also help to improve accessibility, have become essential for content creators and other professionals working with video and audio. When they caption and transcribe their content effectively, they’re expanding their reach and providing…

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SRT Files: Enhancing Video Content Accessibility & Engagement

Most video creators and brands are looking for ways to improve their reach, increase view times and create an impact on their audiences. Many are finding that captioning or translating their content with subtitles is a great way to accomplish these goals. Plus, as more brands look to become more inclusive, they’re finding that uploading…

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What are Captions? A Helpful Explainer

Caption spelled out in Scrabble tiles on a Scrabble board

Are you among the 92% of people who watch videos on your mobile without sound? If so, you likely scroll past content that’s not captioned, as it’s difficult to follow without this helpful text. Captions were originally designed to assist individuals who are Deaf or hard of hearing to improve the accessibility of video content…

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Is Verbatim Enough? The Advantages & Disadvantages of Verbatim Transcription

Verbatim market research firms need from transcription services

Transcription: Choosing the Service Right For You Did you know that not all transcripts are the same? Researchers use a lot of transcription services. But which services are best suited to your unique requirements? Not all verbatim transcripts are a full and complete ‘verbatim’ account of your recording, and that’s for good reason — different…

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Transcription Proofreading

Rod long 425679 unsplash 1 scaled

There are many reasons for requiring transcription services and an almost equally large number of options within the transcription service market. If you’ve found yourself in a situation where an interview, speech, or audio clip needs to be transcribed, it’s vital to choose the right solution for your project. While you will inevitably need to…

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Overseas Transcription Services. Who is Transcribing Your Content?

a lock sites on a keyboard

A Checklist for Protecting Your Data When Using Offshore Transcription Services When you work with outside vendors, you effectively bring on a new member of staff — even if it’s just for a short time. Transcription services are no different. Just like when you hire someone new, you need to carefully evaluate new partnerships with…

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Human Transcription Services vs. ASR: Which is Right for You?

Transcription Decision Tree

Human Transcription Services vs. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR): Which is Right for You? If you need a transcript and you’ve ruled out doing the transcription yourself (smart choice, by the way), there are 2 main types of transcription to choose from. Firstly, you have human transcription services where real people, i.e. a professional human transcriber (transcriptionist in…

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4 Audio Compression Tips: How to Share Audio Files Online

audio compression

There are many reasons why your business may wish to send, receive and share high-quality audio files. For example, you may need to send a lengthy audio file away to be transcribed by a professional transcription service to make it quicker and easier to access the data within. Or, perhaps, you want to get a video recording…

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