The Best File Formats for Transcription

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Choosing a file format for an audio transcription can be a daunting task. If you’re looking for a professional transcript for first time, reviewing all of the options available can be overwhelming and confusing. Fears around compatibility, audio quality and upload speeds can leave those without a background in technology feeling hesitant and unsure.

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What Will My Transcript Look Like?

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When first investigating transcription services, most people realize that they aren’t quite sure exactly what their investment in a transcript will deliver. Following a little bit of investigation, people often become even more confused after seeing the wide variation in pricing. There are many different transcription companies and different transcription services, so it’s important to…

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How To Record A Phone Interview — Getting The Right Transcript

Phone interview transcript

Whether you’re hosting a phone interview for employment or information purposes, a decent transcript can be vital for ensuring an accurate record. This is critical considering that you may have multiple similar phone conversations throughout the same work day. If you don’t take steps to prevent it, you could start to confuse them.

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