Meeting Minutes from Audio

Professional, Secure & Impartial Minutes

The streamlined way to get meeting minutes from a recording of your important meetings.

Accurate Meeting Minutes from Audio Recordings

Verbit meeting minutes deliver an accurate third-person record of the main discussions, decisions and actions of your important meetings.

Using an audio recording means you'll benefit from the same 99%+ accuracy we offer across our Verbit Go transcription services.


Helping you to stay compliant

In the UK it is a legal requirement to take minutes of board meetings.

We'll deliver you concise, formal board meeting minutes which are highly accurate and impartial. Simply upload the audio file of your meeting to our fully encrypted and secure portal.

Secure, accurate and on time,
every time

Why choose Verbit?

We're experts in minute-taking. Our professional team will ensure you receive the highest quality output.

Safe and Secure Contact

Confidentiality & Security

Your confidentiality and security are our highest priority. We adhere fully to UK Data Protection laws and are fully GDPR compliant. We are also ISO accredited with ISO 27001 and 9001 certification.


The Highest Standards

Our elite team of notetakers have specific training and experience in the art of minute taking, ensuring you receive the highest quality output with accuracy guaranteed.



We are completely independent and impartial. Our notetakers provide fair and accurate records of contributions made by everyone in attendance.

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We know that fast turnaround times are often a priority. We provide a range of guaranteed delivery times to suit your requirements.

How it works

It's quick and easy to take advantage of our professional Minute Taking Service.


Simply upload

Upload your file with full security assured.
You can upload via our encrypted portal.


Choose your service

Select your meeting minute options, turnaround time and whether you'd like to pay as you go or create a business account to place your order. ​

Professional Human Translators

We do our thing

Our project team will assign one of our highly skilled UK-based notetakers to complete your formal minutes.​

Transcription Services

Receive your minutes

You will receive a secure link to download your impartial and accurate meeting minutes

Looking for word-for-word output or can't record your meeting?

We have a range of service options available to suit your requirements.

Intelligent Verbatim

Intelligent Verbatim

Audio & Video

Intelligent Verbatim is ideal for sessions where one party is asking questions and others responding, such as market research. You receive the participants' responses in full but the moderator questions are summarised, and any off-topic chit-chat is removed for an easy-to-review output.



Audio & Video

Provides a full transcript of your meeting in its entirety for when you need an exact written account of every detail.

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Live Minute & Notetaking


When recording isn't an option our professional notetakers can join your meeting remotely. We provide a discreet and impartial service that captures all the key content.

Need someone to attend in person?

We know it's not always possible to record a meeting or to have someone attend remotely, so please get in touch if you'd like to discuss In-Person Notetaking.


Our Accreditations


Meeting Minutes are an accurate and impartial record of the meeting's key points and agreed actions. They are ideal for board meetings, committee meetings and AGMs, particularly in the UK, where you may be required to produce minutes by law.

Minutes do not document everything that was said word for word. If you're after that level of detail, check out our Intelligent Verbatim and Verbatim transcription options.

Don't worry. If you're unable to record the meeting, you can opt for our Live Notetaking service. One of our professional and discrete notetakers will join your meeting remotely. You'll receive notes of what was said along with formal Meeting Minutes.

Absolutely. The security of your content and data is our priority. We are ISO 27001 and 9001 certified and fully GDPR compliant. Your content is uploaded to our fully encrypted online portal and doesn't leave this secure environment during the entire process. Access to your content is limited to the few people who will actively be working on your project.

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