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Transcription & Meeting Minute Services for HR Departments

Some of the most sensitive and important subjects in the business are part and parcel of a normal day for busy HR Departments. So when it comes to keeping accurate records from recorded interviews, meetings and hearings, you need a Transcription Service you can trust.

With high levels of accuracy, guaranteed turnaround times and a total commitment to discretion and Data Protection, let Verbit handle all of your transcription and meeting minute needs.

Take a look at what our services can do for you

We work with HR Departments in a range of industries. We have developed flexible and affordable services based on fulfilling the diverse and complex needs of HR functions. 

Our 800-strong UK transcription team deliver to your deadlines and we are able to support high-volume jobs. And with a wide range of services including Audio Transcription, Video Transcription and Meeting Minutes, we're equipped to suit a range of needs.


We guarantee accuracy

Accuracy is extremely important in the world of HR where people's salaries, jobs and livelihoods are dependent on your data. Our transcribers have the skills and experience to consistently perform at a 99%+ accuracy level.

Safe and Secure Contact

You can trust Verbit with sensitive data

ISO-certified and committed to discretion, we can ensure full compliance with GDPR and all UK Data Protection laws. Our online portal is 100% secure and will keep your sensitive, confidential and personal data safe.

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Incredible value for money

Our transparent pricing, optional customization options and instant online quotes mean you only pay for what you need and there are no surprises. 

Video Transcription Contact Us

Get your meeting information however you need it

Whether you need a word-for-word accurate record, a summarized account or meeting minutes, we have the service to suit your requirements.  

Key Use Cases

A range of flexible transcription services ideal for HR use. 

Safe and Secure

Grievances & Disciplinary Hearings

Capture the information that matters

We appreciate the sensitive nature of these hearings. Our transcription services are 100% secure and allow you to get easy access to the information you need to make tough decisions.



Get quick access to interview data

HR departments rely on interviews in a variety of contexts. Our transcription services get you fast access to the key information you need.


Meeting Transcriptions & Minutes

Maximise your meetings

We can transcribe the audio from your meetings into a full transcript or meeting minutes. Just upload your audio so you can fully focus and participate in the meeting and maintain an accurate record of events.


Reviews and Appraisals

Get the data to make informed choices

Reviews and appraisals depend on being able to see the big picture and make strategic decisions accordingly. Our transcripts allow you to do exactly that!

Services designed with you in mind

Transcription services suited to the needs and requirements of HR professionals.


Verbatim Transcripts

Sometimes every word matters and Verbatim Transcripts allow HR Professionals to account for every word said. We can leave in "umms" "errs" false starts and repetition if they provide useful context. Or we can remove them completely. 

We also offer optional extras like speaker identification and timestamps.

Intelligent Verbatim

More interested in key facts, dates and other information? Our Intelligent Verbatim service offers a leaner transcript where off-topic small talk and filler words are removed. 


Meeting Minutes from Audio

Looking for a third party to create accurate and impartial meeting minutes of your meetings?

Meeting Minutes capture all the key discussion points, decisions and agreed actions. Simply upload the audio recording of your meeting.

Can't record your session?

If you need an accurate written record of your sensitive meeting but you're unable to provide a high-quality recording of the meeting, live notetaking could be the answer.

Our Note Takers will join your session remotely and capture a detailed and impartial account. With typing speeds of 100WPM you can concentrate on the matter at hand and rest assured that everything will be recorded clearly & accurately.


Examples - Verbatim, Intelligent Verbatim, Meeting Minutes


Still have questions? While we’re always happy to respond via email or live chat, we’ll do our best to answer some of the most frequently asked here.

  • Q.

    Can’t I just use an automated app?

  • A.

    Not only do Speech to Text apps struggle to achieve over 85% accuracy, but they could also pose a security risk. The data they hold can be accessed by developers or even third-party testers. It's hard to know who has your data or even how many copies of it may have been made. What’s more, an automated service can’t offer the oversight, customer service and assurance that our team provides.

  • Q.

    My department’s data is very sensitive. How do I know you can be trusted?

  • A.

    We know just how important Data Protection is for HR Departments. Rest assured, we are fully UK Data Law compliant and ISO certified. This means our data management infrastructure has undergone a rigorous inspection by a third party. Your recorded meetings stay private and confidential.

  • Q.

    What kind of turnaround time do you offer?

  • A.

    Our turnaround times are completely flexible. We can get your transcript back to you within 7 days, 48 hours, 24 hours or even as little as 12 hours. Simply select your preferred option when uploading a file or getting a quote.

What our clients think

Expedia logo

I would like to publicly declare my love for Takenote. They have great people and a wonderful staff who work with you to develop great transcripts. Very fast, thorough and professional. A must-have tool for serious video marketers and SEO practitioners.

The academy of midical languages logo

Very professional and excellent service. Will continue to use for our note-taking!

Kcl logo

We were extremely happy and impressed with the quality of the transcripts. Take Note provide reliable, professional and efficient services. They also give excellent support to their customers throughout every step of the process. Their online system is intuitive and easy to use, which allows to upload files within minutes. We will continue using their services without a doubt! Thank you.

Ipsos logo

Take Note offered a highly professional service that was fast, efficient, and of a high standard. They were exceptionally quick in their communication, which was key in achieving the results we needed. Many thanks, look forward to working with your team again.

Bmg logo

I recently used Take Note for transcribing a series of focus groups and would highly recommend them. The transcriptions were to a good quality and were turned around very quickly. The Take Note portal was very easy to navigate and it was clear when my transcriptions were ready. I particularly like the Quote Generator function, which makes it really easy to play around with functions and costs. I also found everyone at Take Note to be really helpful and quick to respond. I had an issue with video files being too large to upload to the portal. After contacting Take Note, someone helped me with compressing the file so it could be uploaded.

Yougov logo

I work for a research company and Take Note supply us with transcribtions for: audio calls, online focus groups, face-to-face focus groups etc. They work very efficiently and I've always had great service from all the members of their team. I would **highly recommend** this company to anyone looking for really fast transcribing turn-arounds. Thanks for all your help!

The telegraph logo

Speedy, accurate transcriptions with great customer service. Totally recommend.

Ingenious growth logo

What a great service from end to end! The online portal to upload the files was simple and clear and the delivery time was really quick too. The quality of the output was top-notch - even with some "testing" content to be captured. Take Note are now my #1 supplier of choice for typing services. Thank you!

Truth logo

I just wanted to extend a big thank you for the quality of work produced – please see below for some great feedback from one of my most senior colleagues here. Really high praise and makes me look good to have such great suppliers so THANK YOU! Please can you contact the transcriber and say how great these transcripts are. Not sure if they ever get thanks, probably only complaints, but these are really fabulous and hugely helpful in their richness. The transcriber has really captured the rhythm of language and so the spirit of the group, not just what they said. Excellent work. Like to give credit where it’s due.


We use Take Notes services regularly and are always completely satisfied with the level of service we receive. The note takers are friendly and professional and the notes are always of a high quality standard and delivered in a timely fashion. A joy to work with!

Lse logo

I have been genuinely impressed by the level of service offered by Take Note. From the moment I first contacted them for a quote, they have been friendly, helpful, and proactive. All of my queries have been answered quickly and fully, and they have been very accommodating of the needs relating to our project. I heartily recommend Take Note, and will certainly be using them for future transcription work that I and my colleagues need.

Fizz bang pop logo

Professional, friendly and most importantly, high quality. The project is managed from start to finish, and there is always help on hand if you have any questions. I am looking forward to working with the team again.

Brain value logo

Portail intuitive, easy to access, easy to use, fast & efficient upload, fast & efficient quote system, a great choice of services, high quality complete notes, good quality service received. Great team to work with, patient, pro-ac

Pixel bin

Very professional, very quick turn around and speedy communication. Would highly recommend.

Source fieldwork logo logo

Take Note have always been my first choice when booking live note-taking or transcriptions for my clients. Take Note are really responsive to requests and have never let me down. All of my clients are really happy with the transcriptions/note-taking we have had. Also costs are very reasonable. Excellent and would thoroughly recommend. Lucy - Source Fieldwork

The nursery

Take Note are absolutely brilliant. Always seem to deliver quicker than they say they would. Good customer service too. I called them with a query and they were both friendly and helpful

Acacia avenue logo

Take Note have been my go to agency for transcription ever since I began working at Acacia Avenue. I've been offered free trials from various other transcription agencies, and I'm yet to experience a portal that's as user friendly and streamlined. Our contacts do a brilliant jobs of managing our requests too. Highly recommended.

College of york logo

I am undertaking a doctorate and I used Take Note for transcription of my interviews (8 in total - due to upload another 2 this week). The Take Note dashboard is very comprehensive compared to others that I have used, but most of all it is very user friendly and there is help on hand should you need it. The price is VERY reasonable - compared to other transcription services that I have used in the past. The quality of the manuscripts is excellent, and they are available for downloading in different formats. I have and will be using them again! I used Take Note again, for further interview transcriptions - again, they were efficient and provided an excellent service! And VERY reasonably priced too! I have recommended the service to a colleague who is also undertaking doctoral study - and she has also used the service! (and is very happy with Take Note!)

Myrtlefield logo

We have used Take Note over the past 3+ years, and they have produced over 1,000 hours worth of transcripts for us (over 10,000 A4 pages). Some of the recordings were difficult, and the content specialised. Over that time, the staff has proven to be professional, easy to work with and quick to adjust according to our specifications. Couldn't say enough good about them or rate them more highly. You won't be disappointed if you choose them for your transcription work.

Flamingo logo

The company I work for has been using Take Note for a number of years and in the 4 and a half years I've worked here, I have dealt with them on a regular basis. I can honestly say they have never let us down! Any time of day (or evening) I will receive a prompt response- with the answer always being 'of course we can help and meet your deadline.' The staff are so friendly in emails and on the phone and yet always professional- you know you're in capable hands.

Viacom logo

Take Note are always incredibly professional, swift and friendly. My go to service for quick turnaround transcriptions for MTV and Comedy Central.

Cabinet office logo

Take Note are really helpful and responsive and always turn around transcripts really quickly (good communicators too)

Yorkshire sculpture

I have TakeNotes services on numerous occasions now and they have always done a wonderful job every time. It was on time, completed at a really high use-able, clear standard and the cutting down of the unnecessary parts of the transcript were really successful and saved a lot of my time. You can see that the person transcribing has a high level of understanding of the purpose of the transcription. Thanks so much

The research house logo

Take Note are our go-to company for all of our transcript needs for over 5 years now. Their transcripts are high quality and accurate. The portal to upload audio is very easy to use and so handy to login into to see the stage our transcripts are. We also use Take Note for Notetaking and their note takers arrive promptly, smartly dressed and ready to work. We have great feedback from our clients, and of course the TN team are lovely to work with too. Highly recommend.

Little wing

I couldn't be happier with TakeNote - friendly efficient service, really reasonably priced, with excellent note takers who deliver accurate transcripts at seriously impressive speed (first thing the morning after a late evening of note taking).

Cfe research logo

Takenote offer a range of transcription services to suit differing needs. They are extremely responsive to queries and have an efficient online portal to upload recordings and download transcripts. I would highly recommend their services 🙂

Ppl insights logo

I contacted Takenote via the chat on the website. Lucy was really helpful and gave me quotes really quickly for a few different options. Once my client approved the costs the set up on the online portal was done in minutes where I then uploaded everything ready to be transcribed. Although I only paid for turnaround in 7 days I started receving completed transcriptions back the next day. The quality of them was great and the support via email and the chat was great, everyone was really friendly and helpful. I was also surprised at just how good the price was for 40 transcribed videos! I wouldn't go anywhere else after this.

Plum films logo

Take Note have been a great find! Their team was so helpful, responding very quickly - and the process of uploading files to their portal is simple, and clear. The transcriptions were very accurate … and these were supplied ahead of the 48 hours turnaround time too! So all round, I'd highly recommend them

Kantar logo

Service is fantastic, even though i quite often book VERY last minute they do everything they can to help me out. Transcripts are always good quality and note takers at f/w always do a great job. Would highly recommend

Polar insight logo

Take Note provide very high quality transcription. I've used them many times for both the 24 hour and 48 hour turnaround services. The transcripts have been returned earlier than expected and are always accurate. The portal is easy to use in terms of uploading audio files, and inviting colleagues/clients to read and download the transcripts. The staff are always quick to respond and very helpful whenever I've had queries. I'd recommend them to any market or social research agency who needs good quality transcripts, quickly.

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