Voice Transcription: Understanding How & Why Professionals Are Transforming Speech to Text

Voice recorder and a blank notebook with a pencil

While today‚Äôs work environments are becoming more digital, 77% of customer service communications are still happening on the phone. While tools like Slack are at employees‚Äô disposal, professionals are also still relying heavily on telephone and video calls to stay connected internally. Jumping on a quick call can help resolve issues faster than a back-and-forth…

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When to Consider Free Transcription Tools for Workplace Efficiency 

Business man on the phone walking past a wall with productivity in large letter written on it.

US-based businesses alone engage in 11 million video meetings a day. When you think about the sheer number of notes and takeaways likely being taken during these calls, you can start to see why more companies are using free transcription tools. Then, there are customer call recordings, podcasts, webinars and interviews to account for. There…

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