Voice Transcription: Understanding How & Why Professionals Are Transforming Speech to Text

Voice recorder and a blank notebook with a pencil

While today’s work environments are becoming more digital, 77% of customer service communications are still happening on the phone. While tools like Slack are at employees’ disposal, professionals are also still relying heavily on telephone and video calls to stay connected internally. Jumping on a quick call can help resolve issues faster than a back-and-forth…

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Human Transcription Services vs. ASR: Which is Right for You?

Transcription Decision Tree

Human Transcription Services vs. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR): Which is Right for You? If you need a transcript and you’ve ruled out doing the transcription yourself (smart choice, by the way), there are 2 main types of transcription to choose from. Firstly, you have human transcription services where real people, i.e. a professional human transcriber (transcriptionist in…

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