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Professional Human Translators

A short online typing test, with guidance and practice tests provided.

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Once you're set up, you can start signing up for shifts - regular evening, weekend and daytime work available.


Home-Based Transcriber Role

We are recruiting for home-based transcribers (also know as transcriptionists). Quite simply, professional typists who can listen to audio / video files, and type them into text.

We provide you with all the necessary software you need to make your life simpler and your typing speedier. You just need a computer or laptop, reasonable-quality headphones and reliable Wi-Fi.

If you have an accurate typing speed of more than 65 wpm and are based in the UK, apply now and you could be working from home as a flexible freelance transcriber before you know it.

What should I expect?

Here you will be assessed, tested and then trained on an individual basis to check you have the necessary skills to join our online transcription team and ensure the high standards we provide with our transcription services are matched. It's actually quite fun running through our online tests!

Make sure you check out the qualifying criteria before you start the application process so that you don't run into any difficulties once you have started the tests. Don't forget to use our Practice Tests to understand what's expected and to help you to prepare.


Should you excel and swiftly graduate, you'll be well on the way to enjoying your exciting new job and flexible working!

You don't have to work a minimum amount, you can choose how much to take on and will be paid for every audio minute you type. Unlike many transcription companies, you can work as many part-time hours a week as you like, all from the comfort of your home.